White Label is out to save your skin

White Label Fragrances (WLF), a Botswana-born scent house, continues to pride itself in its array of divine smelling scents that are suited for different personalities and people who value satisfaction. Catering for both males and females with scents, including the famous ‘Diphuka’ Mandarin Rose for females and the Syrup Gold for males, WLF introduces its body care range that is inspired by all the scents they house and have crafted. The Founder of WLB, Thamani Thothe, talks to Staff Writer TSHEPISO GABOTLHOMOLWE about the body care range

White Label is out to save your skin

Body Souffle

The Founder of the scent house White Label Fragrances, Thamani Thothe, says their body soufflé is a perfect blend between body butter and body lotion. It carries characteristics of both as it has the hydrating properties of a lotion and moisture locking ingredients of a butter cream. “Each batch is hand-whipped with love and contains the very best ingredients that are sourced globally and locally from ethical corporatives,” Thothe told The Business Weekly & Review.

Their reformulation contains mango seed butter, which has been proven beneficial to not only moisturise but also heal dry or cracked skin. “It also contains morula oil, which acts as a sun barrier for sunny days and locks in moisture in winter,” she said.

Body Oil

The White Label Fragrances’ body care range also has body oils which are organic and free of chemicals. According to Thothe, it is a blend of morula, baobab, argan oil and almond seed oil infused with beautiful scents. “The plant botanicals help with extra skin pampering to boost elasticity and deliver liquid nourishment to dry skin,” she said. “The secret to giving your skin an unrivalled glow is to apply your organic body oil to the skin after an evening bath or shower.” Showing how it is used, Thothe lightly stokes the oil into the skin, explaining that this process allows the skin to soak it. She says the blend between morula and argan oil helps improve skin elasticity and to prevent stretch marks.

Body Scrub/Polish

For a silky feeling and smooth skin, Thote says there is the body polish which consists of sugar granules and poppy seed. The mixture is infused with botanical oils such as almond seed oil, Kalahari melon seed oil and morula oil to make a gentle exfoliating body product which moisturises the skin while gently removing dead skin, leaving the skin feeling silky smooth and smelling divine.

Body Wash

To seal the range, Thote says there is a body wash that not only cleanses but refreshes as well. She says White Label Fragrances body wash is an all over cleanser that has been thoughtfully formulated with gentle surfactants nourishing oils that leave one’s skin feeling soothed and hydrated and never stripped and tight. The formulation is also infused with beautiful layered scent which lingers on the skin. “The scent formulation in our body wash is similar to the ones in our best selling perfumes,” Thothe says.