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The P100m ransom

After nearly a year of standing on the threshold of untold wealth as a money-spinner since being named the preferred bidder for Botswana’s...

Companies and Markets

Raditladi to list lotto company on the BSE

• Company expects to raise P100m • Batswana given opportunity to own the lotto • Listing expected to be completed by July


CBD’s Big Fallout: Enter Grit

The appointment of a BDC employee to the Board of Letlole in December 2019 and the acquisition of the company’s shares by Grit gave...


CBD’s Big Fallout: Ground Zero

In 2018, Letlole La Rona was in a desperate need of a CEO and hired Chikuni Shenjere-Mutiswa, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)...


The Red Queen’s Race

Boardroom wars in which rules are manipulated and the law often broken outright have become a feature of Botswana’s corporate reality...


Letlole’s boardroom war cost shareholders P14.4m

Shareholders of Letlole La Rona may not know it yet, but they are the biggest losers in the epic battle between their company’s former...