Rumours of cabinet reshuffle gain currency

• Molale likely to be dropped • Serame may go to Finance • Dr Matsheka to go to either Trade or Tourism

Rumours of cabinet reshuffle gain currency

Speculation that President Mokgweetsi Masisi is contemplating a cabinet reshuffle that will see some ministers dropped and others swap places across the cabinet has been gaining currency and credibility over the past two weeks.

Information reaching The Business Weekly & Review is that the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Eric Molale, who has reportedly fallen out of the President’s favour, tops the list of those likely to be axed.

According to sources, Molale’s unpopularity among local councillors countrywide for allegedly being difficult to work with is not helping his retention prospects because the President is fully aware of it, having been informed of the situation by councillors themselves.

Although details are still sketchy regarding other candidates for axing, the general estimation since the 2019 general elections has been that Masisi’s current cabinet is by far the weakest team of ministers ever in the history of the Botswana Democratic Party that has always formed the next government after elections since self-government in 1965 and independence in 1966.

Several concerns have been raised about certain senior ministers like Kabo Morwaeng of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration whom many observers think has failed to live up to expectations.

In the imminent reshuffle, sources say the Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Peggy Serame, is a leading light for retention and even ‘promotion’ to become the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, trading places with incumbent Dr. Thapelo Matsheka if he does not go to tourism.

Since assuming office, President Masisi’s cabinet has faced a number of worsening challenges in unemployment, corruption and poverty that have become even more pronounced since the advent of Covid-19 early last year.