Glow with Carly is about refined makeup artistry

“I want people to see that you can be a millionaire through makeup artistry,” says the entrepreneur who feels a bit slighted that people tend to think of what she does as a mere side hustle

Glow with Carly is about refined makeup artistry
The founder and owner of Glow With Carly, Carlisle Carly Mothanka

Though makeup is used to enhance splendour and put the accent on one’s beauty, research has also shown that most women feel more beautiful with makeup than in their natural beauty.

It is no doubt that makeup is one of today’s trends, hence it is every woman’s dream to be striking and turning heads with makeup finery. Glow with Carly is one of the top makeup beauty shops that has boosted many self-esteems through makeup.

Glow with Carly started in 2017 by founder Carlisle Carly Mothanka. She started in the makeup industry by watching YouTube tutorial videos. Over the years, she has perfected her craft by working with different people all over the country. After undergoing makeup training, Mothanka is growing Glow with Carly into one of the best makeup brands in the country. Her brand is known for offering makeup for advertising, television, as well as for private and editorial requirements and is already popular with celebrities.

Executive Life was given a glimpse of her world of make-up and what being a makeup artist means to her. The entrepreneur, makeup artist and content creator this week shared with us that being a makeup artist to her is more than just applying makeup on someone’s face and calling it a day. It is expressing feelings of love and passion through “painting the right look” on someone, which has become the slogan of her makeup business.

“Seeing men and women happy and smiling after I’ve painted the right look on their face just gives me great joy,” says Mothanka. “There is more to makeup than what people think.”

Like any makeup artist in pursuit of growth, she always has the latest trends and upgrades so that her skill and business stay relevant. “I learn every day I am open to learning new skills because there are a lot of trends that you have to keep up with or else you stay behind, which I don’t want for my business,” she explained.

“Not every road is smooth. Some amazing clients come to do their makeup well on time and the makeup sessions run very smoothly and with positivity. They always come back for more. There are also clients who come very late and won’t apologise for it but will expect the best results. Clients will never be the same, hence I have learnt to be patient and to work in a calm manner. I love my clients because without their support there wouldn’t be Glow with Carly.”

Mothanka says it takes a lot to accentuate facial features as well as achieving a fine face structuring and contouring. The one thing that makes her face light up is when she is able to deliver and her clients happy. “It brings fulfillment to my work when my clients are happy that I have revealed their new look,” she says, beaming. “I do the work with love and results show it. If the reactions were not the way they are right now, I don’t think I would be where I am. Those reactions motivate me to do better and to watch more tutorial videos to ensure that I am always improving. I want people to see that you can be a millionaire through makeup artistry.”

YouTube has been one tool with an abundance of skills for Mothanka.

Being a YouTuber, with a good number of subscribers, she has used the platform for her growth. “I usually advertise my businesses on my YouTube channels, be it through vlogs or just regular catch-up sessions,” she discloses. “I just let my subscribers know that I am in ‘my’ makeup studio waiting for a client or I’ve just finished doing a client’s makeup. That has them asking what I do and where I do it. They look me up on other social media platforms and book their appointments. I also film myself doing my partner’s makeup so I have some attraction and entertainment all in one video.”

Mothanka’s long-term vision is to see her business become an international brand. “I want to see men and women happy because of my brands and the services,” she says.