Consultative Selling: The necessary new normal

The traditional way of selling no longer has a place in today’s world.

Consultative Selling: The necessary new normal

The beauty of sales is that it is extremely adaptive and you can witness its revolution. The traditional way of selling no longer has a place in today’s world. In the traditional sales process, sellers are very much used to maintaining power and dominance at each stage.

However, with consultative selling, it is the total opposite of that because you don’t shove your assumed solutions down the client’s throat but you give the client the power to talk to you while you listen and they give you their problems which will allow you to give them a personalised experience and solution that modern buyers have grown to expect. How brilliant is that? You don’t have to break your brain in endless hours of research to diagnose the client and try to pitch to them what their problem.

This will help grow an organisation’s sales team, provide for the clients’ biggest needs and increase customer loyalty because they will acknowledge that they were given a personalised solution rather than a one-size-fit-all approach. But before we move further, let us understand what consultative selling is.


Consultative selling is basically offering customers a customised solution. It is about listening to your client’s problems more than you as a seller rushing to identify pain points and offering solutions. It is about you as a seller taking the back seat and allowing the buyer to drive the sale.

The question now is how does one master the art of consultative selling?




As a consultative seller, you need to be keenly careful of the questions you ask. You want to probe and dig deeper to find the problem. Don’t ask shallow and irrelevant questions that reveal nothing. Ask strategically good questions that will allow people to realise the solutions for themselves, the solution being your products or services. It is easier to make a sale when someone realises that they need what you have rather than you convincing them that they need what you have. Ask questions that will allow you to build a rapport with your customers easily.




As a sales professional, you are required to know your customers. However, as a consultative sales professional, you have to go even deeper. You have to truly know each one of your customers down to their character and way of mind. This will make it easy for you to offer solutions that are unique to each buyer and their organisation. It is always important to keep in mind that what works for one customer may not always work for the other customer. It is indeed important to understand the customer’s demographics and market, but as a sales professional, you always have to go deeper than that.




Although scripts are important for maintaining consistency, sales professionals need to reduce their heavy reliance on these as it will create a one-size-fit-all approach that will lead to a less memorable customer experience, It is worth mentioning that a customer who is happy with their sales experience with you is highly likely to be a loyal customer. Each sales approach to a customer needs to be treated as a unique experience. Give the customer a unique experience that they themselves can also feel.