Data Collections & Analysis

Child poverty higher than adult poverty

In line with the SDGs, Botswana developmental initiatives, such the National Development Plan 11, Vision 2036 and the BPEPS, articulate...

Importation of second-hand vehicles hampers local markets

• Records show an increase from 3,000 units in 2007 to over 8,000 units by 2012. This figure more than doubled to over 17,000 in 2019....

Anglo aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 22%

• Meets its environmental goals early

RDC profits fall by 22.5%

• Chairman speaks of an “unprecedented year”

Botswana generates more of its own electricity – Stats...

• Electricity generated locally contributed 52.6 percent to electricity distributed during the fourth quarter of 2020

UAE remains Botswana's top diamond export destination

It is concern to Botswana that its top export to the EU and Asia, diamonds, is also the country’s top import from the two regions

More than 2500 School Dropouts in One Year

• Truancy, pregnancy and poverty to blame

Productivity is threatened by spike in STIs

Information derived from administrative data on patients seen at health facilities countrywide in 2019 by Statistics Botswana shows...

Start Ups Cannot Ignore Market Research

• The prevailing attitude is that market research are exclusive to big multinationals

Soda ash, a silent export giant

Whilst a lot of focus has been put on diamonds as the main sources of export revenue, soda ash has slowly been taking centre stage...