BTC builds ICT structure

- BTC celebrates 40 years at the helm of technology in Botswana - Highlights its contribution to the economy

BTC builds ICT structure
Anthony Masunga (Pressphoto)

Botswana Telecommunication Corporation (BTC), celebrating more than 40 years of progress and anchoring the national economy, is developing an innovative ICT timeless structure, dedicated to telling and showcasing the history of telecommunications and its contribution to national development.

BTC Managing Director, Anthony Masunga, said it is prudent for BTC, which is the backbone and leading telecommunications company in Botswana, to develop an innovative ICT timeless structure, dedicated to preserving and telling the history of telecommunications and how it has impacted Batswana.

“Through such a museum, one would be able to witness the evolution of communication displayed in one place through a collection of antique telephones and telephone memorabilia. A museum will definitely educate Batswana on the history of communications and give them a greater appreciation and understanding of the changing local telecommunications industry landscape spearheaded by BTC,” added Masunga.

The Managing Director, also said, over the years, BTC has also supported a number of key local projects in the form of donations and sponsorships ranging from sport to the arts and skills development through its Corporate Social Investment wing.

Acting Director of Botswana National Museum and Monuments, Stephen Mogotsi, has lauded the importance of an ICT museum in Botswana because it would be in line with the National Transformation Agenda since a museum plays a crucial role in preserving and documenting the local culture ensuring transmission and preservation of heritage for the society and future generations.

“As espoused in the National Vision 2036 and the 4IR demands to use technology in enhancing the daily business operations, ICT has the potential to play an important role in fostering the promotion of the arts and cultural heritage activities in Botswana. The methods and tools can also create employment opportunities for practitioners, especially youth, to provide a participatory environment by enabling visitors to actively engage into learning and experiencing on-site and online exhibitions and other media.”

Director of Thapong Visual Centre, Reginald Bakwena shared the same sentiments adding that, “an ICT museum is a good initiative by BTC, and I believe this is the right time to have an ICT museum, which will also help to promote the creative industry. You will remember that BTC has partnered with Thapong Centre to sponsor its annual Phonebook cover competition and has also sponsored performing artists, through the Poetry sessions held last year, so it would be good to capture all these moments".